Why Flat Lays are Going to be Popular in 2020

01 Feb , 2019

Flat lays have exploded in popularity on social media channels and product photography recently, and they're here to stay. Even the post office is using flat lays in their in store advertising! Here are 3 reasons flat lays are here to stay.

1. Photographing products in flat lay form opens up all kinds of creative possibilities. From cosmetics and food to clothes and outdoor items, brands everywhere are using flat lays to showcase their products in a clear and interesting way. At the end of this post there are links to a few companies who are using flat lays beautifully to showcase their products.

2. A bird's eye view isn't something we get to see in our everyday lives, which is one reason photos from the top down are so interesting to us landlocked humans. One of the most popular photos on Instagram recently was a top down photo of Harry and Megan at their wedding. Our interest is piqued when we see something from a perspective that isn't the norm for us.

3. They make for great social media content. Let's face it, Instagram is still a very powerful driving force behind any and all kinds of brands, and it isn't going anywhere just yet. Flat lays done well are a great way to spice up your feed with eye catching colors and patterns that will stop your customers from scrolling long enough to see what you're offering.

Check out these companies to see some beautiful flat lays showcasing products:


Origin Magazine

Acorn Toy Shop

Photo by Ramon Gomez