Flat Lays for Fall 2020 Weddings

08 Oct , 2019

The majority of flat lay photos you see are on very light backgrounds, and the majority of Styling Mats we sell are very light fabrics. While we totally understand that light backgrounds match a lot of weddings and can be used in a variety of color schemes, we also want you to know that you shouldn't be afraid of dark colors, and in fact, they are the absolute best for making a stunning flat lay! 

Dark colors show flowers and details in any object you put on them far better than light colors. You can see two comparisons of the same photos below, notice how the colors and details of the flat lay are far more noticeable and striking on the dark Styling Mats. The details and colors disappear a little on the light fabrics and become difficult to notice.

One very good reason to use a darker background is that nearly everyone photographs their flat lays on exactly the same colors and textures, and trying to stand out in the extremely oversaturated world of social media is impossible if you look like everyone else. The vast majority of our Styling Mat orders are for the exact same fabrics and combos with very little variety, which means that almost all of our customers photos look very similar. While our light fabrics are beautiful and we use them a lot too, we get excited when we see photos on one of our darker fabrics!

Here are several examples of striking flat lays on dark colors. My personal favorite dark fabric is our Cobalt Velvet, a gorgeous deep blue that shows off flowers especially in the most beautiful way.