How to Get Rid of Shadows in Your Flat Lay Photos

13 Mar , 2020

Side light is the best light for photographing flat lays because it gives dimension and shadow to your flat lays, whereas very even overhead lighting causes them to be flat and lacking in depth. Sometimes the shadowed side of your flat lay can be a little too deep though, even causing your Styling Mat to appear to be a totally different color. Here are 2 quick and easy fixes to eliminating harsh shadows on your flat lays while keeping the soft shadows that give your flat lay depth. 

1. Photograph your flat lay between the light source and white/light colored wall. The wall will bounce the light from a window or door back onto the shadowed side of your flat lay, making things more even.

2. Use a reflector or other white/light colored object like a sheet or paper to bounce light into the shadows. 

Don't go too crazy getting rid of your shadows, you want some shadow to give your flat lay depth and to make it look professional. A well balanced photo with good lighting is the mark of a professional over a phone photo, so make sure to photograph it with the correct exposure.