How to Get Noticed on Instagram in 2020

01 Feb , 2019

Flat lays are a BIG deal on Instagram. There are entire accounts dedicated to flat lays and people are using them for everything from showing their outfit of the day to showing what they ate for breakfast. There are themed flat lay accounts, flat lay accounts dedicated to things like tea and coffee, you name it! As with anything that explodes on social media, it can be difficult to stand out once it starts getting popular.

It might be easier to stand out than you think, though.

If you take a look at any number of flat lay hashtags, you'll notice that many people are doing the exact same flat lays with the exact same items over and over again, which means most people's photos look nearly identical with the same backgrounds, same colors, and same items like ribbons and coffee cups. Want to get noticed on Instagram for your flat lays? Do something different! It'll take some time and practice, but finding items and concepts that aren't being done many times over already will give you an edge on the instagram flat lay game. A well thought out, unique looking flat lay is actually quite rare. Go above and beyond what everyone else is doing by resisting the temptation to use the same items over and over again and tell more of a story with your flat lays. Choose colors that stand out and make people stop in their scroll, choose items and themes that are not like everyone else's.

One major way to make your flat lays stand out is by choosing backgrounds that aren't neutral or white. The Styling Mat has several different bold colors available in addition to our neutrals. Choosing a bolder color will immediately get attention, especially since hardly anyone else is using colors other than white, tan and gray.

Get your neutral Styling Mat to have for any situation, and then push yourself out of your comfort zone with colors that will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to do flat lays that are eye catching and different. Gather inspiration when you're on a walk, watching a movie, having dinner out, or from the items in your home and write down your ideas for flat lays so you can gather things that make a story.  

Standing out on Instagram can be nearly impossible in this oversaturated social media world. Focus on standing out just to your own followers and pay attention to what grabs their attention, rather than trying to get everyone on Instagram to like what you're doing. 

Photos and Styling by Taken by Sarah Photography