How to Styling Wedding Invitation Flat Lays at your 2020 Weddings

01 Feb , 2019

Get the flat out of your flat lays!

Stacking, layering and varying height of items in your flat lay is one of the easiest ways to elevate the look of your flat lays. Use your styling tiles or trays to elevate pieces, or use small makeup sponges for a cheap, lightweight and easily stackable solution. This is an especially important technique when styling paper goods since they can look too flat and uninteresting when laid out in a grid. Stacking and layering heights adds just the right amount of shadow to define your items and give them depth. Be careful not to overexpose your photo too much and blow out your shadows, you want them there to give the image life.

Below are two examples of invitation suites styled flat on The Styling Mat, and then elevated and layered while being kept in the same basic layout. You can see that stacking and layering your flat lays will take them from amateur looking to professional immediately, and it's so simple!

 Photos and styling by Taken by Sarah Photography