Read This Before Doing Another Flat Lay

01 Feb , 2019

Do you sometimes struggle to get a good flat lay no matter what you do? Here are the two most common flat lay mistakes, and how to easily fix them to get beautiful flat lays every time.


Less is more, so when in doubt about the number of objects you're using, take some away. Nothing makes a flat lay messy looking faster than too many randomly placed objects. Clustering similar items and simplifying how many items you use is key to a well thought out flat lay. This first photo doesn't work because there are too many items and my eyes don't know where to go first. The second image makes a lot more sense and allows me to look at each item in turn.



Flat lays shouldn't actually be flat! Elevating your individual pieces at different heights gives a little shadow and dimension to your items, making it look much more pleasing to the eye. Also, don't eliminate shadows by blowing out your image either in camera or editing, shadows are what gives an image life and interest. Here's a comparison:

Photography and Styling by Taken by Sarah Photography