The One Thing Every Flat Lay Lover Needs

01 Feb , 2019

It can be easy for a flat lay enthusiast to amass lots and lots of props. It's just  so tempting to buy every cute plate and pretty roll of ribbon you see! While it's certainly a great idea to have a variety of props in your styling kit, there's one item in particular that will give you a perfect flat lay every single time. 

A simple piece of cheesecloth fabric can be used in endless ways, by itself or with the most elaborate flat lays. It folds up to be very small and weighs almost nothing, so it's easy to carry a few colors. We sell one in our shop that holds it shape beautifully and is easy to mold however you want. It's the best we've found for flat lays because it isn't too soft or too short, it's just right for styling in endless ways.

Pro tip, for the best look, make sure to pull this cheesecloth apart and mold it rather than just draping it.

Use the cheesecloth as a corner accent, as a centerpiece to pull your entire flat lay together, or as a frame for your subject. 

Styling and Photography by Taken by Sarah Photography, Boutonnieres by KP Designs Floral