Vintage Ring Boxes are All the Rage This Year, Here's How to Get Yours!

06 Jun , 2019

Velvet ring boxes have exploded in popularity in recent years, but we favor a much more unique and beautiful way to showcase rings in your flat lays. Vintage ring boxes can be difficult to come by, and we have the largest collection on the internet with a wonderful variety of shapes and colors. 

One major reason we favorite vintage ring boxes over velvet ring boxes is the superior construction and materials used in vintage ring boxes. Some of them have stood the test of 100+ years and are still in excellent condition because they are made of more durable materials. While many are made of cardboard and velvet just like the modern velvet ring boxes, there are also many made of plastic, metal, wood, and even mirrors. The variety of shapes and colors you can find in vintage ring boxes is extremely varied.

The art deco period is known for extravagance and extremely ornate jewelry. The ring boxes from that period are no exception. From heart shaped boxes to ornate plastic boxes containing luxurious velvet, you simply can't go wrong with having at least one art deco period vintage ring box in your collection. Art deco ring boxes tend to be colorful and extremely ornate, perfect for adding refreshing bit of drama to your flat lays.

 Many of our vintage ring boxes were lovingly cared for by their previous owners, and held treasures we'll never know about. Their mysterious air makes them all that much more beautiful. If only they could talk, the stories they'd tell!

If you're looking to add things to your flat lay kit that will give you a unique, creative edge on Instagram and for your clients, vintage ring boxes are the one item you can have to add a lot of fun and character to your flat lays.