Wedding Flat Lays

20 Mar , 2019

Wedding flat lays are one of the most popular ways flat lays are used, and they can be difficult to do well because of the time crunch wedding photographers often find themselves in. Here are 5 tips to making your wedding flat lays easy and fool proof with photos from a real wedding by Taken by Sarah Photography

1. Get a Styling Mat! The Styling Mat was designed by a wedding photographer for wedding photographers and is the best flat lay surface on the market because it is foldable and washable, meaning that you don't have to worry about carrying a bulky, un-cleanable styling board, or a rollup that's too small and un-cleanable. The Styling Mat is revolutionizing how wedding photographers are able to get beautiful wedding day flat lays with only a few minutes of their time.

2. Have a condensed styling kit ready to go on the wedding day. You might have tons of beautiful props, but you won't have time to go through them all and pick out what you want to use on a wedding day. Knowing the colors of the wedding before you go will help you choose the right props and Styling Mat. Bring only the items you'll need for that particular day to eliminate time consuming decision making and keep it simple since the main focus of these flat lays is the couple's accessories on the wedding day, not lots of props that may not make sense for their particular wedding design.

3. Remember to ask that your bride or the planner bring a copy of the invitation suite and make sure to ask if you can bring it home with you to do further flat lays without being rushed if you want to get more photos. Recruit a bridesmaid or your assistant to find the bride's accessories and anything else you want to photograph so you can have everything in one place when you're ready to take the flat lay photos.

The first photo was taken very quickly on the wedding day with just a few props that were brought by me (the photographer) and the wedding planner. The second photo was taken at home where I had more time to think through the layout. 

4. Keep it simple. Trying to do an elaborate design will take more time and thought you may not have on a wedding day. Keeping it simple with only the pieces that are being used in the wedding is a great way to get flat lays that are meaningful to your clients. 

5. Aim for 3-5 photos, and focus on those photos being for your client's benefit rather than wedding blogs. Don't overthink it, your clients won't necessarily care about how much time you put into it, but they will be thrilled to see that you've taken the time to thoughtfully photograph the details they worked hard to include in their wedding day.