Water Styling Kit


Water Styling Kit

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Our unique and carefully curated styling kits are chosen with all color palettes in mind. Inspired by the elements, each item is practical and sourced from many different places, including small artists in the United States.

Styling Kits will ship in their own box, separate from other items ordered.

What's included

1 Pale Blue Plate

2 Cheesecloths, Dark Blue and White

25 Assorted Vintage Stamps

1 Blue Pinch Bowl Made Especially for us by Artist Alex Testere

2 Silk Velvet Ribbons, Light Blue and White

1 Ceramic White flower

2 Small Silver Ring Bowls

1 “Gold and Diamond” Ring

15 Sponges for using as risers (the absolute best risers we’ve ever used, and extremely compact)

3 Silver Wax Seals

1 Black Garden Scissors