Custom 40x60 Styling Mat

Tote Bag $16.00
Custom Round Styling Mat $179.00$239.00



This is the only portable, foldable, washable styling surface in the world! Our 40x60 mat is our biggest, most versatile mat and is designed to accommodate your grandest visions. This generously sized mat can hold two full flat lays simultaneously, or a tablescape up to 6 place settings. It can serve your work as a background for portraits and flower arrangements, too. Who knows what could unfold with this mat in your collection? After you’ve made your magic, this tremendous styling tool folds to just 20 inches around.

Styling mats are:

COLLAPSIBLE | Carry 43 inches of beautiful, workable styling space into a portable mat.

WASHABLE | Your styling mat can be thrown in the washer or dropped off at the cleaners.

CUSTOMIZABLE | Select two premium fabrics for your custom mat! 


    1. Choose two fabrics from the drop down menus. We’ve photographed fabrics in daylight as accurately as possible, but keep in mind that colors are completely different depending on which screen you're viewing them on. Learn about variances in color in this article. (Want to see the fabric before ordering? Email us to request a swatch.)
    2. Note: Orders come with one base piece for every one or two mats. For example, you’ll get two bases if you order three mats. For details, check our FAQ page


All orders are custom-made. No returns, no refunds. Is your mat defective? Email within 48 hours of delivery. Include photos and description of defect. Please allow up to three weeks for production. 

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