Do you have styling items that you aren't using any more? Maybe you want some new styling pieces, but it's a pain to take photos of everything, find a place to get the word out that you're selling it, choose a price that makes sense for you and someone else, and then figure out the best way to ship it. 
We're always looking for new and unique things to add to the store, and most of what we carry is a one time find. If you have styling items you'd like to consign or exchange for different ones that we currently have on the website, send us an email at with pictures of your items and an explanation of whether you're looking to sell or trade. If we like any of your items, we'll give you a price that we can buy them from you (usually around half of what we can sell it for) or find a trade that will equal what we would pay you for the item. You'll be responsible for the shipping to get the items to us, and we'll pay you as soon as we get the items in one piece! This is a really great way to always be rotating your styling kit.