Can I wash my mat?

We recommend dry cleaning your mat because some fabrics can shrink if put in the washer. To quickly and easily refresh your mat or remove wrinkles, put it in the dryer with a wet cloth on low.

How long does it take to get my mat?

You'll have your mat in 3 weeks or less.

Can I return my mat if I don't like it?

Since each Styling Mat is custom made, as a rule we do not offer refunds or exchanges. That said, if there is a defect with your order, we will do everything we can to remedy the situation and ensure that you are satisfied, so please reach out to us via email If you find a defect with your mat, please email us within 48 hours of receiving it with pictures and/or video explaining the problem. A refund or exchange will be processed if your mat is defective, and if a mat is returned that does not actually have a defect, no refund or exchange will be given. Any return or exchange must be processed within 30 days of purchase and must be received by us in the condition it was received in. If you are exchanging a mat for any reason not related to defects, we must receive the mat in perfect condition. No returns or exchanges for color reasons.

Where can I see color examples?

In the Styling Mat product listings. Keep in mind that color is completely subjective and there is no such thing as any one color since color perception is affected by many factors including digital screen differences, editing styles, camera sensors, what colors are on or around the fabric, light, and many other factors. No exchanges or returns for color reasons. Below is one example of how color can change dramatically just from editing. 

Do you do collaborations?

We get a lot of requests for collaborations, go here to read our collaboration policy. We do lend out mats for free.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the price is calculated on weight and size just like our domestic shipments.

Do the fabrics wrinkle?

We choose fabrics with little to no wrinkle and make the mat as tight as possible so it will lay flat. Many mats will look like a pringle when you first put it down so that you have to press on the sides to make it lay flat. Sourcing fabrics is both the hardest and most fun part of our job since these fabrics can be very difficult to come by. We only choose the most beautiful, highest quality fabrics we can find.

Does The Styling Mat come with a carrying case?

The Styling Mat does not come with a carrying case, but we do offer tote bags. The base comes in a bag that is separate from The Styling Mat and is NOT a carrying case for The Styling Mat. You may also store your Styling Mat in any bag of your own, it conveniently fits into tote bags or large camera bags. 

The zipper broke on the bag that my Styling Mat base comes in, can I get a new one?

The Styling Mat base is a separate product that comes with The Styling Mat and is included in the purchase of a Styling Mat but that we do not manufacture. The bag that comes with the base is not a carrying case for the styling mat, it simply comes with the base and is not meant to carry heavy items. Zippers do break from time to time and are not replaceable because it is not made by us and we do not have extra bags. We offer sturdy tote bags for purchase.