What our customers are saying...
I am definitely buying more. Used your Styling Mat for the very first time at yesterday’s wedding. Obsessed!!
"I LOVE my new mat and wouldn't recommend any other styling mat or board but The Styling Mat! I had a cheap foam board with fabric stretched across that was handmade that I used as my styling surface, and it was stained and cracked in half by the first wedding I used it at. I love my Styling Mat because it's washable and foldable! Not something you find often in a styling board or mat! It's smaller and fits into my camera bag perfectly, and if I ever spill or get any stains from flowers on it, I can easily throw it in the wash, and voila, it's brand new again!! I got two very basic grey colors with different textures and I am so happy with the way the colors photograph! The texture adds so m much and the styling surface is HUGE! I can easily fit two or three layflats out on the mat at once. Every wedding photographer needs this tool in their camera bag!" -@erinfoxphoto
"I found out about The Styling Mat this past summer and to say I am now obsessed is an understatement! The fact that I can have so many different looks in my bag (literally, because they are super portable) is amazing for my wedding photography business! I also love that they sell styling pieces as well because it makes it a one-stop-ship for me!  I'm so happy this was invented because foam boards and canvases are not fun!" -@photographybylauryn
I love the portability of it. My other styling boards were so bulky to carry around.
I ran across The Styling Mat a few weeks back and I was obsessed. The day it launched you can bet I ordered this bad boy.
It’s everything I wanted & more! Thank you so much! I’m so in love.
It’s portability is Amazing. The quality, pheonominal and I’m just so in love!! And I’ve got two!!!
They are gorgeous! I want all the colors.
I love how easy it is to use. Just throw everything in a bag & go. It’s perfect for weddings, portraits & more.
I love how easily it can be folded up and placed in a bag and taken on the go. With my line of work I always need something that I can travel but provide a decent amount of space for photos.
My favorite thing about The Styling Mat is not only the mobility, but the compact size. My old styling boards (that will now collect dust) are large stiff boards that are a major pain to transport - most especially for a destination wedding. The Styling Mat is just a genius design. I can have just one reflector with multiple mats to slide onto it easily, or I can have multiple reflectors with the mats stored on them and labeled with what colors they are so I can grab a color and go. I can wash them to keep them looking fresh, and they’re double sided so I can have one colors for the invitation suite and another color for the bouquet, etc. if I choose. The colors and textures are beautiful. A major draw for myself was that most styling board companies only carry very muted, neutral colors. I have a very vibrant and saturated style, so I was SO excited to see colorful and bold colors included without having to pay a large amount for a custom colorful mat.