Be careful when opening the base!

Your Styling Mat may be wrinkled when you first open it. Put it on the base first to see how it looks, then throw it in the dryer on medium with a wet cloth for 15 minutes or more if there are still some wrinkles. It can also be steamed or ironed. ONLY steam velvets on the backside.

No fabric on earth is totally wrinkle free, but we strive to make Styling Mats as close to wrinkle free as possible with our fabric choices and how we make them. Some fabrics will have wrinkles fall out if you simply leave them open on the base for awhile. Styling Mats can be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.

Your mat is best stored without hard fold lines or heavy objects on it. You can store them folded up, but it is ideal to store them hanging loosely on a hanger or open on the base. Some puckering at the edges is normal because of the rounded shape and some fabrics will pucker more than others due to different fabrics being mixed together, but this will not affect photographable space. Some mats will look like a potato chip when zipped onto the base, simply push down hard on the sides to flatten. Some very tight mats need to be pushed down with one knee first, then use 2 hands to slap the sides down.

The bag that comes with the base is NOT a Styling Mat carrying case. We have tote bags on the website that can be used for all Styling Mats. Please refer to our video section of the website for instructions on how to close your base. It takes a bit of practice if you are not used to it but will become easy with practice.

Please let us know within 48 hours with photos and videos if necessary if there is any defect with your mat and we will do what we can to remedy it. We DO NOT accept returns or exchanges for color reasons (please read our FAQ’s regarding this) or any other reason except defects. Every Styling Mat is checked before it goes out the door for any defects, but it’s possible that something may slip through the cracks from time to time, or that it may be damaged en route by the postal service.

We can’t help if we don’t know the problem, and we’re the only ones who can help, so please email us directly with any concerns