WASHABLE Styling Board

  • Description

    Introducing the world's first washable, FOUR SIDED styling board! This board is 18"x24" and comes with the option to choose FOUR different sides on one board! The fabric cover is washable and doubles as a carrying case. If a board with 2 sides and a washable cover is ordered, you will have a FOUR SIDED WASHABLE styling board in one! 

    The vinyl is easily wiped clean and can be used for food photography. The fabric cover doubles as a bag to carry the board in. The fabric cover is able to be washed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer. 


  • How to order

    Choose your 1-4 colors in the drop-down menu. Each side of the board is chosen separately and the washable fabric cover is also chosen separately to allow for customization. Choose the plain board ONLY if you would like a plain white board with no vinyl covering, do not add this to cart if you are customizing your board sides. If a plain white board is ordered along with customized sides, you will receive both a plain white board and a board with customized sides. If only one board side is ordered, you will receive a board that is white on one side and has your color selection on the other side.  You can also order the board and cover separately, so if you already have a board, you can just order more covers. There will always be new, limited edition fabrics added.  You can also order a board with no vinyl coverings if you'd like.  Please note that if you order a cover only and no board, you will receive ONLY a cover and no board! 



  • Want to chose your own fabric combo?

    Our washable cover options are pre-made; we do not have the option to custom choose your cover fabrics at this time. If you're looking for a custom option, please go here to order a custom Styling Mat.

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