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This is the only portable, foldable, washable styling surface in the world! Choose subtle tones from our luxurious velvets to complement your subjects. Or, pick a bold printed pattern like our hyper-realistic marble to highlight them. Whatever your vision, The Styling Mat will revolutionize your flat lays.
With use as varied as your work, the round mat folds out to 43 inches around. That’s more than twice the photographable real estate of a styling board. Use this game-changer as a backdrop and a flat surface.
Every Styling Mat has 2 sides. Our 40x60 mat is big enough for grand flower arrangements and portraits, and also ideal for tablescapes, portraits, and flat lays. Ribbon loops give you the flexibility for horizontal or vertical hanging.
Fold your 40x60 mat to as little as 20 inches across and fit it into a large tote bag. Conquer limitations and elicit your most creative ideas!

These In Stock Styling Mats are currently in stock and ship within a few days.


How to order


Choose two fabrics from the drop down menus. We’ve photographed fabrics in daylight as accurately as possible, but keep in mind that colors are completely different depending on which screen you're viewing them on. Learn about variances in color in this article.

(Want to see the fabric before ordering? Email us to request a swatch.)

Note: Orders come with one base piece for every one or two mats. For example, you’ll get two bases if you order three mats. For details, check our FAQ page


Want to pick your own color?


Click here to customize a round mat

Click here to customize a 40x60 mat.


Return / Exchange Policy


All orders are custom-made. No returns, no refunds. We do not accept refunds or exchanges for color reasons due to the fact that color depends on many factors not limited to camera sensors, film stock, lighting, colors on or around the fabric, editing style, and the fact that there is no such thing as any one color for an object. Please read more about that HERE.

Is your mat defective? Email within 48 hours of delivery. Include photos and description of defect.




“I love the portability of it. My other styling boards were so bulky to carry around.”

“I love how easily it can be folded up and placed in a bag and taken on the go. With my line of work I always need something that I can travel but provide a decent amount of space for photos.”

“It’s everything I wanted & more! Thank you so much! I’m so in love.”


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