In Stock Styling Mats



These Styling Mats are currently in stock and ready to ship immediately. 

The round Styling Mat is our original and most compact mat. It folds out to 43" around, giving you more than twice the photographable space as a styling board (see photos for comparison) and folds to just 15" wide, making it easy to fit into a large purse, camera bag, or carryon suitcase. 

The 40x60 Styling Mat is our most versatile and game changing mat, able to be used as a backdrop and a flat surface. It is big enough to photograph large flower arrangements, portraits, flat lays, tablescapes, and anything else you can think of on while folding up to just 20" across. It comes with ribbon loops to hang either horizontally or vertically.

Styling Mats are collapsible, able to be dry cleaned, and come with two premium fabrics of your choice. 

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