The Mini Board


The world's first 4 sided washable styling board is here!



You can choose 2 or 4 sides to your mini board.

1. If you want vinyl sides AND a fabric cover, 2 vinyl sides first, then click next to choose your fabric cover and add to bundle when you've chosen all of them. 

2. If you want just vinyl sides, choose 2 vinyl sides, then add to bundle.

3. If you want no vinyl sides and just a fabric cover, MAKE SURE TO ADD THE "I ALREADY HAVE A BOARD" OPTION OR YOU WILL RECEIVE ANOTHER BOARD! Click next in the first screen,  and choose your fabric cover, then add to bundle. 


    The 18"x24" board is durable and lightweight made of a specialty PVC material (not found in craft stores) that won't break, crack, dent, or scratch and will last for many years. The vinyl coverings that stick onto the boards are water resistant, making them great for food styling. The fabric cover that goes over the board conveniently ties to tighten at the top and doubles as a carrying case. If you order only 2 vinyl sides, then you will receive a board with 2 sides. If you order 1 vinyl side, then you'll receive a board with one vinyl side and one blank white side. If you order only a cover, then you will receive a cover with a blank board. If you order 2 vinyl sides and 2 fabric sides, then you will receive a board with 2 vinyl sides and a fabric cover with 2 sides totaling 4 styling surfaces. 


    Click "read more" to see more photos and descriptions of fabrics. Prices are per side or per fabric cover and will show the total once you are finished building your styling board. Allow up to 3 weeks for your custom board to be hand made and shipped. 


  • Return/Exchange Policy

    All orders are custom-made. No returns, no refunds. We do not accept refunds or exchanges for color reasons due to the fact that color depends on many factors not limited to camera sensors, film stock, lighting, colors on or around the fabric, editing style, and the fact that there is no such thing as any one color for an object. Please read more about that HERE.